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Organizational Culture Meets Data Science

Darwin Pivot

Leading the Way in Applied Behavioural and Social Science

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Corporate Purpose

Social Impact

Create a lasting and impactful Social Impact program that categorically ties the success of your foundation or charitable efforts to the success of your business. Darwin Pivot clients are given the resources and insights to make informed decisions about their programs and effectively show their stakeholders the program's full impact.

When employees, customers, and stakeholders are working towards the same goals, businesses thrive. Darwin Pivot's clients are given the resources and insights to cultivate a healthy culture throughout their organization so that together, with you and your employees, we can create a culture that fosters growth at all levels.

Applied Data Science

The applications of our unique reporting and analytics processes are virtually endless. Understanding your position in the market or in a sudden cultural shift can be impossible without reliable data. Darwin Pivot clients will stop making assumptions about their customers, employees, or stakeholders and have all the crucial insights at their fingertips.


Passionate. Creative. Experienced. Analytical. Efficient. Human-Centred. 


Nicole McPhail

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

(MASc.), Industrial and Organizational Psychology


Emily Hazell

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

(Ph.D.), Social Sciences, GISciences

Nicole has worked in the tech sector for 15 years focused on employee experience, human-centered design and social impact. She's spent the majority of her time working for technology unicorns while consulting for some of the world's largest brands/Fortune 500s. This experience, alongside her background in behavioural science and psychology, has provided her with a unique lens for the challenges companies experience as they grow at rapid rates while trying to stay lean, agile and innovative. This problemtunity has fueled her passion to help high-growth companies design their culture to scale innovation.

Emily is a social scientist with 15 years of experience in research and consulting primarily focused on analyzing factors that drive individual & organizational behaviors & operations.. She specialized in GIScience and (spatial) decision support systems and is passionate about helping clients tell their unique stories using actionable insights and easy to understand data visualizations. Emily holds a PhD in Environmental Applied Science and Management from Toronto Metropolitan University (Ryerson), where she continues to lecture on decision support systems, design principles and data sciences. 

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